Here is a video from a few of the first trials on the Boobatron. Mostly just pushing colors down the strips and rainbow effects, but I also got a sort of "matrix effect" working too (inset movie) so that was pretty sweet.

Later, I got words working on it, which was pretty cool. While I got "Happy Halloween" to scroll across, it was a little hacky, so I certainly need to update things to be a little more usable for other words.

After adding words, I added a microphone and a 7 channel Equalizer Chip so that the display could depend on the ambient sound inputs.

Each side of the Boobatron shows a rainbow display of the amount of sound in each of the 7 frequency bands.

In the future, I'd like to extend this to a dress with more LEDs per inch, I've put a few plans on paper, but not started working on stuff just yet.

I also got to show this off at the first installment of GLOW at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History.

And an actual artist also got some cool photos! Attribution to follow when I find that email...